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Proving Sexual Harassment

Because it’s such an important element of your sexual harassment claim, you’ll undoubtedly become aware that proving you were harassed is extremely difficult. Because they are based on the fact that the claimant was harassed, sexual harassment claims are harder to win. It’s difficult to establish many times because there is no paper, no witnesses, and it’s simply your word against your harasser.

In cases like these, there is a legal concept known as the burden of proof that makes it difficult to establish your claims. Even though you are the one who is claiming what occurred to you, the burden of proof rests with you to provide evidence that sexual harassment occurred. This implies that in order for your case to go forward, you’ll need compelling proof.

This is extremely aggravating and demeaning as a victim since you’ve already taken the step to report, which many victims find difficult. Once you’ve had enough bravery to report the abuse and stand up against your abuser, you still aren’t believed until you can produce evidence. This is one of the reasons so many victims don’t come forward.

Even though proving what occurred might be tough, having a sexual harassment lawyer on your side throughout your claim can assist ease the burden and help you fight the difficulty of proof. Here are some of the types of evidence your lawyer will use to demonstrate that you were sexually harassed, so make sure you have as much documentation as possible:

  • Emails
  • Texts
  • Calls
  • Audio recordings
  • Pictures received from them
  • Pictures taken of you
  • Videos of harassment occurring
  • Videos sent to you
  • Complaints you’ve filed with HR or your employer
  • Witness statements
  • Your own written accounts from journals
  • Police reports
  • Medical records
  • Records from any psychiatric help, like counseling or therapy where you discussed or reported your harassment

These can all be utilized to prove that you were harassed, as well as to document how you were harassed. It’s vital to document one occurrence on its own, but it’s far more crucial to keep track of them all in order to show that a pattern has emerged.

Sexual Harassment Lawyers of Texas will not only show that you were harassed, but also will ensure that you are supported throughout the process. We want to make sure you feel comfortable rather than adding to your already challenging encounter by making you feel uncomfortable.

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Steps To Report Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

When you want to show that you have been harassed sexually at work, one of the procedures is to inform your employer about the behavior. All of the information above is crucial in a court case, but it can also be critical while reporting sexual harassment to your employer’s management, human resources, or other higher-ups.

The next step in reporting sexual harassment is to file a formal complaint with your employer. Because each business is unique, you’ll want to learn your company’s policy for reporting sexual harassment and stick to their guidelines. They’ll almost certainly investigate your claim and reach a conclusion as a result of that.

However, if your employer does not follow up on your complaint or achieve the resolution you desired, you have additional options for lodging a formal grievance. You may also report to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) in the United States. According to the EEOC, you have 180 days following an incident to file a charge with them.

When you engage the services of a sexual harassment lawyer, they will walk you through these procedures and make sure you are doing the appropriate things at each step. They’ll make certain that you feel safe and supported so that you can be confident in your complaints and sexual harassment lawsuit.

When you’re considering filing a sexual harassment complaint it’s common to experience some doubt about the situation. It’s natural for people to feel this way, with victim-blaming being all too common and leaving victims wondering if they were even harassed or if they’re just overreacting.

No matter how you feel, if you were sexually harassed, you are entitled to justice and compassion because what was done to you was unjustifiable. Let’s look at a few examples of sexual harassment in the workplace so you can feel recognized and know that what you experienced was sexual harassment and that you have every right to file a claim so your abuser will be held accountable.

Here are a few examples of sexual harassment at work:

  • Unwanted compliments or other comments on your appearance, like attractiveness
  • Following you around the office
  • Blocking your path or cornering you
  • Unwanted physical contact of any kind
  • Sending inappropriate texts, emails, pictures, and videos
  • Telling sexual jokes
  • Unwanted sexual advances, including repeatedly asking you on a date despite your rejection
  • Using sexual conduct as a way for you to get a promotion or raise

These are just a few of the behaviors that might be classified as sexual harassment. If you’re still not sure whether or not what you endured was sexual harassment, consider speaking with your lawyer to authenticate your experience and see if you were harassed, as well as what measures you can take going forward.

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